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Psychic & Spiritual Development Workshops

Learn to use your own psychic powers!

During these workshops you will use various exercises to develop your psychic abilities and to enhance your awareness of the spirit world; these will include mediations, visualisations & you giving various types of psychic messages to other group members. This workshop is fully “hands on”, you will be working to enhance your contact with the spirit realms.

Workshops in this series include:
Psychic & Spiritual Development workshops
plus Psychic Experience Fun Day.

Other workshops include:
Talking with Angels workshop, Angel Magic workshop , Angel Wisdom workshop, Healing with the Angels workshop, plus Spirit guides & Guardian Angel workshop, plus Mediumship workshops.


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Workshop Testimonial

Only yesterday one of the people present told be how it had a profound effect on them (for the better I may add) your way in putting things across has been remembered by many here that weekend.

Peter - Chelmsford

Foundation Level

This workshop will teach you:

  • Use your sixth senses

  • Use Clairaudience

  • Use Clairvoyance

  • Use colour

  • About aura's

  • About psychometry

Following this workshop you should have practiced:

  • Feeling aura's

  • Seeing aura's

  • Reading aura's

  • To use psychometry

  • To use dowsing rods

  • To use a pendulum

  • Reading Angel cards

Email me to check for availability.

Discover your psychic senses

This workshop aims to show you how to enhance your normal senses, thereby showing you how they can be used on a psychic level. You will then be shown how to receive psychic messages, leading to you giving messages those to other attendees, by using your newly discovered psychic senses.

This workshop is suitable for all levels of development.

Email me to check for availability.

Psychic Experience Fun Day

All welcome from total beginner upwards, an activity packed day. Try reading an aura, or maybe something even stranger!!
Why not invite some of your friends over, for a Psychic Experience Fun Day?
Or organise an event at your village hall?

I will show you how to do psychic readings, read oracle cards and much much more, be amazed at how psychic you truly are!! An activity filled day, full of experiments & play, far to many subjects to mention.

Minimum group size of 8 people, maximum of 20 people, the cost is £40.00 per person. Email me to check for availability.

To book a workshop

All of the above workshops are available in your own home, the requirements are:

A room with enough space for the number of people you wish to attend; Minimum group size of 8 people, maximum of 20 people, the cost is £40.00 per person. Email me to check for availability.

Due to travel etc, on-line bookings can only be accepted for England & Wales, to book for other countries please email me to discuss availability & costs. -

Payments by PayPal: simply make an appointment via the link below, I will then send you an email to make your payment via PayPal.


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Love light and angel blessings
Sharon May

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