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Angel Signs

Do you recognise these angel signs, have your angels been trying to get your attention?

Gifts from the angels: Sometimes when we need reassurance that the angels are truly listening to us, we may ask them to give us a sign. One of the most commonly known signs is for the angels to leave a calling card of a feather; this is usually white however the angels will use whatever is available to them, it may be tiny up to a large swan feather. There may have been times that angels have also left things of small value for you to find, this is usually finding small coins in unusual places, this indicates that any financial worries that you may have, are being dealt with by the angels.

Angel & CandlesFloral scent: Angels are able to surround you with a beautiful floral fragrance; it will seem to waft up from nowhere in particular, it starts off very faint and then gets stronger and stronger as your angel approaches. Then; just as quickly as the scent first appeared in a fraction of a moment it then disappears.

Invisible touch: You may get a feeling that someone is touching you very gently either on your arm or face, a very gentle loving touch like that of a loving parent, just to let you know that they are there and that they care for you. You may even feel a cool breeze on your face when there is no window or door open; this is also an angel touch.

Tummy flutters: When you need some help and guidance you may feel a flutter in your tummy, this is your gut instinct talking to you, this is your direct line to your angels, almost like an invisible umbilical cord you are attached to your angel. This is one of the most reliable ways of receiving a ‘one to one’ message from your angel.

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Messages in the media: There may be times when you are inexplicably drawn towards buying a newspaper or magazine which you would not ordinarily buy. This is because the angels are guiding you toward a message which is contained within the magazine. It may be that you turn on the radio or the television and hear the answers that you need to questions which are going round inside your head.

Messages in unexpected places: You may be thinking of a problem or a question in your mind, and your attention may be taken as you glance up and see a sticker in a window or on the side of a bus or cab, and the words that appear are the answer that you need at that time.

Emotion: You may have a sense of feeling of emotional well being, a feeling of being loved and cared for; you may also have a sensation of someone wrapping their arms around you in a loving hug. This is an angel wrapping their wings around you.

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Seeing angels: You may ‘see’ an angel either by catching a glimpse of movement out of the corner of your eye or maybe even bright sparkles of silver white light or bright yellow gold light. You may even see a figure of an angel or a cherub. People see angels in many different ways, there is no right or wrong description of an angel, its’ how you perceive and expect it to look, and this is right for you. You may see an angel in a dream or meditation, or they may show them self to you in your time of need.

Hearing angels: You may hear someone call out your name and when you turn to look there is no-one physically there. This often happens when you are being warned of some impending danger or when you need some upliftment. You may hear the voice audibly; as if someone was standing right beside you, or you may ‘hear’ the voice as a thought inside of your head. Some times you may even hear a choir of angels singing in your head, this is a most beautiful sound to hear.

These are some of the most common angel signs, I hope that you will now be able to appreciate the presence of angels with you. I also run angel workshop which will help to raise your knowledge of angels & how to work with them.