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Book Reviews

The Amazing Power of Animals
by Gordon Smith

ISBN: 978-1-84850-008-2
Hay House

I loved this book; it’s really great to see a book which talks about animal spirit communication and the psychic powers of animals.  There are some really touching stories of how animals have managed to communicate evidence of their survival from the spirit world; and also how they have a ‘knowing’ of when their ‘owners’ are due home and even to the point of sensing that their owners were sick and needed help.
Gordon has some lovely personal stories that he is able to share and the unconditional love of the animals shines through.  On a personal note, I loved the story about the psychic drawing that Gordon’s good friend Dronma drew of a little springer puppy sitting in front of a door.  Dronma didn’t think it was a little spirit dog and didn’t quite know why she had drawn it but she commented to Gordon that she thought that it was his front door and that he ‘should remember this”. With that she dated the picture and gave it to Gordon.  It was quite a long time after this that ‘by chance’, a little springer puppy came into Gordon’s possession it was then that he realised that the picture was of this puppy.  The strangest thing of all was that Dronma had drawn the picture on the day that the puppy had been born!

I love that particular story as it reminded me of the time that I was inspired to do a spirit art drawing of a dog.

I enjoyed the book and I’m sure that you will too.


Inner Visions, a mediums life
By Gordon Smith

(Foreword by Professor Archie E Roy a psychical researcher).
Gordon Smith was one of the selected mediums who worked with Professor Archie Roy a respected researcher working for PRISM, whose job it was, were to test the claims of individual mediums as to whether or not their abilities were genuine.  

Professor Roy concludes that Gordon rates among the many ‘great known mediums’ of our time and goes on to recount some astonishing facts that Gordon could not have perceived with his 5 senses alone.  The foreword does a very good job of setting the scene and pace of the book before you even get to the first line of the first paragraph.

The book itself although written in the first person and very informative does at times come across as very ‘constructed’ and does not flow as easily in narrative as the Doris Stokes book ‘voices in my ear’.  However it is still a good, enjoyable read and is very informative, charting the beginnings and chapters of his life experiences which explain how he is in the position of high regard today.  Gordon finished his last chapter by allowing a sitter, who was a respected American lawyer, to recount his experiences of his meeting with Gordon. The sitting tells of the tragic circumstances surrounding the deaths of the lawyers’ daughter and her boyfriend and the subsequent messages that he received.

So the book begins with a ‘high’ with the prologue and finishes on a ‘high’ with the positive account of the reading which took place with an America lawyer.


I enjoyed reading the book as I was able to see many similarities that have occurred during my own life, and my development as a medium. I could empathise with growing up with spirit, and being aware from a young age; although not always realising the significance of what I was experiencing at that moment in time.

Inner Visions, A Medium’s Life – by Gordon Smith ©2000
ISBN: 0-9534-816-1-1
Published by Pembridge Publishing

Since this first publication, Gordon has gone on to write a number of other very successful books which are mainly published by Hay House.


Voices in My Ear
By Doris Stokes with Linda Dearsley
ISBN: 0-7088-1786-6

I very much enjoyed this style of writing and it was spoken in the first person. It was informative, descriptive and started to build a good foundation for the storyline of Doris’ life from very early on.

It starts off with a dramatic event which involves Doris seeing a ‘dead man’ walking beside his charred body.  Distressed and frightened Doris runs back home from the scene after being ticked off by her father for being there.  Her parents arrive back home to find her distraught as she explains to her father what she had witnessed, her mother dismisses it all as a fairy tale and tells off the father for ‘encouraging’ her.  This was to set the scene for future occurrences throughout Doris’ life and a pattern gradually emerges as the spirit world push her forward into the limelight to speak to everyone of all nationalities about the spirit world.

I found this to be a very enjoyable and interesting read and can thoroughly recommend this book for anyone wanting to know how the spirit world communicates through a medium.  There are several other books by Doris which continue her journey of life with the spirit world, all are very informative.


Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah
By Richard Bach
ISBN: 0-09-942786-9
Arrow Books

I recently read a book that has been on my bookshelf for maybe a year or more called The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach.  I remembered that I had long since read his first book Jonathan Livingston Seagull which was as I recall a ‘big hit’ in the 1970’s.

It was whilst I was in the process of watching the Esther and Jerry Hicks ‘Teachings of Abraham’ DVD that the book Illusions was mentioned as a pivotal moment for them both; I decided that now must be the time that I should read the book.  I managed to read the book over the course of the weekend and in the process ‘remembered’ many things that were buried within my subconscious and maybe even brought about more questions than answers!

A thought provoking book which guides you to ‘remember’ who you really are!

Quote from the book:

Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished:
If you’re alive, it isn’t.


A Little Light On Angels, by Diana Cooper.
ISBN 1-899171-517
Findhorn Press

I recently decided to revisit some books on my overflowing bookshelves and picked up one of the first angel books that I bought written by Diana Cooper; A Little Light On Angels.

it's an interesting introduction to angels and Diana covers many aspects of the different kinds of angels that are available to us when asking for help in any situation.  Diana gives many examples either personal or quoted about how the angels have either presented themselves or communicated their information and inspiration.

Diana also includes some useful tips and angel exercises to aid angelic communication.

It's a worthwhile read and as an introduction to angels it will no doubt lead you onto wanting to know more about working with angels.