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What to expect - from a spiritualist Church service

So what do they do at a spiritualist church?

Although services vary slightly between the many different spiritualist church organisations, on the whole a service at a Spiritualist Church is very similar to a service at any christian based church, although they may or may not refer to God or Jesus.

Generally a spiritualist service will contain:

Hymns - Mostly churches sing traditional hymns.

A Reading - The speaker (generally a spiritualist medium) will read a short passage from a thought provoking text.

An address - The speaker will give an address relating to the reading they gave, the medium will not usually have practiced the address, as it is inspired by the spirit realm.

A Demonstration of clairvoyance
- Evidence given to the continuation of life after death. The demonstration is held within the congregation, it is by chance if the medium has any communication for you.

In addition many church services will also include:

Healing thoughts - A quiet time for you to send out loving/healing thoughts to those in need of healing. Some churches have a list (healing book), healing thoughts are sent out to the names written within the book.

Quiet time - Allows inner reflection for a brief time.

Divine service at Exeter (SNU) Spiritualist Church

Spiritualist church