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Poetry - The story behind - Forever Mine

All of the poetry on this page has been channeled by me, you are free to use it for non-commercial applications.
(conditions for use: each poem is to be kept intact, my name and copyright is to kept with the poem as its author).

The story of a spirit inspired poem - Forever Mine

I was just pegging the washing out on the line and just having a few random thoughts over what I needed to do in my work when I suddenly thought, “I haven’t done a poem in a long while” I need to do one for my website newsletter.  In that instant I started to get some words pop into my head so I dashed indoors and quickly found my notebook and wrote them down.

The first line came easily, then nothing – so I went back to pegging out the washing.  No sooner had I pegged out the first item then more words came flooding though.  I dashed back inside to write them down before they disappeared as quickly as they had appeared.  As I wrote them, the rest started to flow, so quickly, that I could hardly write them down fast enough!

The whole poem came through in less than 5 minutes, and when I read it back I was very moved by its content.

Spirit inspired poems and guidance often comes through very quickly and clearly without the need for ‘thought’ the words and inspiration is simply ‘there’.

It is usually when we try to analyse what comes through and put our own logical slant on the inspiration that the spiritual meaning is lost.  We try to be ‘too human’ in our thoughts and this can destroy the spiritual message in the content as we try to put human logical sense to what we have received.

Hear it, write it, read it, absorb it, trust it, for it is the truth,
- as it comes from the light.

[Follow this link to "Forever Mine"]

(Channeled by Sharon May, 1st June 2007) © Sharon May 2007, all rights reserved

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