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Angels watching over Us!

Do you believe that Angels watch over you? 

Well for a very long time I was completely unaware that I was being looked after by angels.  All of my life I have experienced their help on a regular basis, from them helping me to find a new school, a new job, a new home and even a husband!  I used to put some of the experiences down to simple co-incidence, until the penny finally dropped one day after I was recounting these experiences to a friend over a cup of coffee; I can honestly say that I owe my life to the Angels, for there have been a number of occasions when the angels have found their own unique way of warning me of danger.  

Sometimes it has come as a ‘flash’ of inspiration or thoughts put into my mind, or a loud voice suddenly shouting my name from an invisible source, and sometimes they have visited in dreams and given me warnings for me, and other people.  I know that I am forever grateful for those angels watching over both me and my family.


One instance that I recall happened about five years ago, this was a message that I received in a dream.  In this instance I didn’t see an angel but I did see my son Owen, who at the time was 23 and living away from home.  In the dream, Owen was just a young lad of around nine years of age, and in the dream he came into my bedroom and got into bed with me and my husband and needed a cuddle. 
Well, Owen has always been a very independent spirit and even as a child he never wanted a cuddle in bed.  Owen is a free spirit and is into ‘extreme sports’ and loves to skateboard, mountain bike and use the dirt surfer, in fact he has won lots of competitions for these sports and also teaches youngsters how to follow in his footsteps.  He has also been featured in ‘extreme sports’ magazines and has written his own articles.  As a child he taught himself to ride a bike in one day, persevering as each time he fell off his bike, he simply got straight back on again, so at the end of the day he was covered in bruises from head to toe and beaming with a smile from ear to ear.

In the dream this was a young boy who needed his mum and dad and when I woke up, I told my husband Dave that ‘Owen needs us’.  Owen was living in Cornwall at this time, we live in Somerset and it was a good 2 hour or more journey to visit him, and it was a Thursday and my husband couldn’t get the day off work, so we both tried to phone Owen all day, but we couldn’t get through, the phone seemed to be dead.

We tried for four days and on the fifth day we managed to find the phone number of the people that Owen was working for, we called them that night, they then told us that on the previous Wednesday evening (the evening of my dream), Owen had had an accident whilst practising a particularly difficult move on a skateboard, and had been taken to hospital where they found that he had ruptured his kidney, he had been in a very poorly state including a spell in intensive care, in fact we found out later that he had almost died.

The following morning, Owen was well enough to speak to us; we asked him why no-one had contacted us to let us know what had happened.  Apparently he didn’t have any money for credit on his phone, so he couldn’t phone us; he also didn’t want to worry us so he forbade his employer from calling us.

I told Owen about my dream and told him that I felt that the angels were trying to tell us that he was in trouble, he agreed and said that he just knew that somehow I would know there was a problem! I told him off for not letting us know, and said that in future he shouldn’t rely on the angels to get the message through!

Owen did get better although he now only has one functioning kidney; there is also an interesting footnote to this story. 

My husband Dave decided to buy a top up card for Owen, so that he could phone home, he was very surprised and shocked to see that the random numbers on the top up card ended in our home phone number!  Now how strange is that!  I think that the angels have a real sense of humour and it was also a confirmation that it really was the angels watching over Owen, and they agreed with us that he needed a top up for his phone!

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