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Angel Altar

Is making an angel altar really like worshiping angels? Will the creator be annoyed by this?

The simple answer is NO.

I have my own angel altar at home, it is on top of a large cabinet as you walk into my main living area, I do not use this to pray to or to worship angels, it is simply there to remind me of them. Every time I go past it, I remember a time when I may have been given an angel gift, like a feather: or it may be I remember any event that has given someone hope & love.

I have figurines, pictures, decorations etc of angels, it also has pictures of passed loved ones who are dear to me, plus some crystals & feathers.

It is so easy to make your own angel altar, simply find a spot that you pass regularly. Then place your collection of memories & reminders, in fact you can use anything you wish to remind you of our angelic friends.

Angel Altar