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Readings testimonials

Rosaline from Ghana

Hi Sharon,
I feel so blessed to know you!  I am so glad that you were the very first medium that I consulted in my life (and I aint that young either).  I have never regretted travelling all the way from Africa just to see you.  Your simplicity and gentleness is real proof that the angels are with you all the time.  I continuously look forward to my next meeting with you!  I hope it will be very soon.

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Debbie from Nottingham - UK

Hi Sharon

I just wanted to write and thank you for the reading you gave me the other week.  I found it really emotive that you picked up on my mum which was the first time I have had medium contact with her since she died 9 years ago.  When I got the CD some more things made sense that hadn't so much during the reading; ie you passed on from her that she was thanking me for a birthday card I'd sent or written to her after she died - at the time I could only really remember vaguely that I had been thinking of doing that, but afterwards, and listening to the recording, I remembered that I had definitely thought about it, and wondered if it would be insane to write one and post it, with just 'mum' on the envelope.  In the end I think I just wrote one out - so it was amazing to hear her mention this.  Also during the reading you said she was talking about the 21st of a month being significant and at the time I thought she meant in October, and so linked it to her death (26 Oct).  But later I laughed when I realised she meant me - as my birthday is 21st May, so that's why she was saying the 21st.  It was just amazing hearing from her and feeling her presence through you and for a couple of days afterwards I talked to her a lot and really felt her around me.  It has been very healing.

There was also a man coming through in the reading who you said you thought was maybe my grandfather on my mum's side, but things didn't really add up, the way you described his appearance and a strong smell of tobacco, and that he liked jazz music.  But after the reading when I was thinking about it, I suddenly realised who that person was who came through - it wasn't my grandfather but a man who was that generation who although not technically family, was like family to us, and had a link with my mum's parents.  I remember him as being one of the only adults in my life (when I was a child) who was kind and seemed to like me, and he was also close to my mum which is maybe why they came through together.  Your description of him, that he had his hair swept back from his face (and you repeated this a couple of times) - that was what suddenly made me realise who it was, as that is exactly what I remember about him and as a child I always used to really notice his hair swept back and his high forehead (what you also mentioned).  I can't believe I didn't think of him while you were talking, but I guess I was not thinking of him!  And also, he was always smoking a pipe and my strong childhood memory of him was of that really strong tobacco smell around him - though I kind of liked it, as I really liked him!  So it was sort of a comforting smell.  As I said you spoke about him saying he really liked jazz music and unfortunately there's no-one alive anymore that I can ask about this, but you also spoke about the name Charles or Charlie in relation to him.  We always knew him as Miff, and I never questioned the name till now, that it might well have been a nickname.  I googled the name to see if anyone else had it and the first thing that came up was a man called Miff Mole who used to be a well known jazz musician - so now I wonder if Miff took his name from him, maybe the musician was someone he liked?!  I asked my dad who said that he thinks that Miff was a nickname but couldn't remember his real name.  So all that would fit!  It made me feel really touched and warm that he would come through in a reading for me, because he did mean a lot to me when I was a young child - he was the warmth and kindness and cheerfulness that was around when that was lacking from my grandparents.

sorry to ramble!  I just really wanted to say thankyou and it's great to have the cd which I can listen to anytime and feel connected again.

very warm wishes to you,


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Jayne from Somerset - UK

hi everyone i had a reading with sharon on thursday and it was brilliant. everything sharon said regarding the angel and fairy cards was completely right. she explained exactly how i have been feeling and which way i want my life to go. she also brought through my nan and described her to a t. sharon gave me family names that were correct and lots of other details that were totally right. i have seen quite a few mediums/ clairvoyants but sharon has been the best one by far! thank you sharon xxxxx

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Sarah from Somerset -UK

I just wanted to say thankyou to Sharon for her kindness and help that I experienced when meeting her for the first time for a private reading last night.
I have always hoped that when we past to the world of spirit that we would have the opportunity to nurture and protect our loved ones here on earth - and this was confirmed for me during the reading.
I haven't stopped smiling since I realised that my late granny has been doing her utmost to keep an eye on me recently (she was right about the washing machine! it leaked near the electric wiring yesterday while I was at work).
And you shared with me details that you could only have known if she was really there.
When I left your house to drive home last night, I heeded your advice about music and tuned into a different radio station.
While waiting at the junction the lyrics to the song said wait a while, so I did and watched as three cars went by.
As I approached the roundabout a gritting lorry pulled out in front of me.
And as a nervous night time driver I was very glad of having a nice slow moving brightly lit vehicle in front of me to guide me all through the icy dark roads home. 
You have a very special gift Sharon and I thankyou for sharing it with me last night.

All my love


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Valerie from Essex - UK

Hi Sharon.
Thank you for my reading today (21st June 07). It was amazingly accurate. But more than that It was very nice to talk with you, and it is my hope that I will make closer contact with my angels.

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Spiritual assessment testimonials

Georgina from Dartford - UK

I emailed you a few months ago due to the fact that I had been asked to leave a circle and you replied instantly and never asked for any money.  Your email at the time gave me hope and made me realize that not every body was out for them selves.  I cannot tell you how much that meant to me, again thank you.

With regards to the assessment I am amazed how accurate you were.  Some of the books you recommend are already in my possession.  Also you recommended that I attend a few organizations.  I have on several occasions tried to attend a course at the Arthur Findlay College, but due to the dates of their courses I have always had other commitments and have been unable to attend for whatever reason.
However after your assessment I tried again and I am pleased to say that I have managed to get on a course in 2 weeks time.  Everything just fell into place, ie work, home etc in order for me to be able to attend.

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Remember - even Angels like to be appreciated
So don't forget to say

Thank You!

Yvonne from Birmingham - UK

Hi Sharon,

I would like to thank you so much for the Spiritual Assessment reading you gave me recently, I was truly so blown away by the reading I'm still trying to get my head around it all - do we know each other?  Your reading was so accurate, it was amazing.... so many things you said was spot on, about spirits being around me since I was a child, my self doubt, mediumship etc, etc, etc. oh how so true... thank you thank you thank you ... it was just what I needed, I feel spirit, I hear spirit it has only been in the last 3 years that I have actually started to stop being afraid and accept who I am....

What can I say, thank you so much, I will take on board what you have said, you have just reaffirmed that I am working towards my destiny, I just need some 'self belief' not to mention faith and dedication.

Keep on doing what you're doing...

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Daniella from Gloucester - UK

Thank you Sharon for my spiritual assessment, it was very interesting to read and I felt you were quite accurate.  It was nice to know who my guardian angel was and the name of one of my guides at this time.  I have recommended a friend of mine, to you and will be recommending other friends to you in the future.

Thanks again and will be in touch no doubt.

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Group booking testimonials

Jan from Eastleigh - UK

I would like to say that I think Sharon is lovely with a pure gift given to share with others. I have held two Angel parties at my home and Sharon accuracy and the way she delivers her messages left myself and friends feeling so positive and special.Thanks Sharon.

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Workshop testimonials

Peter from Chelmsford - UK

Hi Sharon, just to say thankyou so much for coming all the way from Somerset to Essex in July and for a wonderful angel workshop.

Only yesterday one of the people present told be how it had a profound effect on them (for the better I may add) your way in putting things across has been remembered by many here that weekend.

Thankyou again, hopefully we will met again

Peter xx

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Claire from Essex - UK

Dear Sharon,

Thank you so much for your wonderful talking with angels workshop at the Psychic Visions summer camp yesterday.

The day was fabulous and we all learnt sooo much.  As I drove home I sat at traffic lights for ages and asked the traffic light angel to come.  As soon as I closed my mouth the light changed.  I then asked the parking angel to let me have a space outside my house when I got back.  Sarah (Who had come with me) said "It would be good if it was next to hubbies car so we could transfer my luggage".  We both laughed, but sure enough when we got back there was only one space in the entire street......right next to hubbies!

I will listen to them now!

Thank you so much


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Martin from Hereford - UK

hi sharon it was brilliant to have met you in sennybridge last saturday 18thmarch 2006 i really learnt alot from your workshop i am now working with my own angel PAUL thanks to you i have the courage to progress further as you know my dream is to work with the spirit world for the good of mankind i really appreciate the knowledge and love you share with us all it was a truelly magical and very special time for me once again many thanks you truelly are an angel i hope to meet you again one day love and light  to you and your family god bless. 

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Clairvoyant evening testimonials

Wendy from Paderborn - Germany

Hi Sharon, i managed to attend your clairvoyant evening in Germany and missed my chance, i was so taken back, the first thing you said was about hazel nut chocolate, then Wendy and she is here, someone with their arm in plaster and who has been polishing their car in a certain place. i had eaten the chocolate, my name is Wendy, my youngest son has broken his wrist and my husband tried to get some glue off his car with a scourer and scratched it, so he had applied layers of polish in a certain place. I just froze to my seat and my hands would not move i could not put my arm up or speak. I hope their will be another chance for me. Thank you for a lovely fascinating evening 


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Tess from Scotland

hi Sharon what a fantastic weekend thank-you very much for joining us as our medium at hellfire caves  you done an out standing job  I'm so glad i met i have learnt so much in the short time i was with you David is such a lovely guy to  i was quit sad on sun when we had to say  buy on sun i hope we have the pleasure  of your company again all my love  Tess xx-xx                

PS thank you again from all at borders paranormal group scotlandxxxx

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"Angels transcend every religion, every philosophy, every creed.
In fact angels have no religion as we know it ...
their existence precedes every religious system
that has ever existed on earth."

St. Thomas Aquinas

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