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Poetry - Forever Mine

All of the poetry on this page has been channeled by me, you are free to use it for non-commercial applications.
(conditions for use: each poem is to be kept intact, my name and copyright is to kept with the poem as its author).

Forever Mine

I know you hear me sometimes
When I whisper on the breeze.
And I know you see me sometimes
When I peep between the trees.

You hear me softly saying, the words
That ‘I love you’.
And then you see my face
As you remember that first kiss;
And slowly you recall the tenderness
That you miss.

But know I'm never far away
In a memory you recall,
And know that in your heart,
I'm etched, for now and evermore.

I know you feel me sometimes
When on your lips I plant a kiss;
And I know that - forever more;
Your arms I'll always miss.

But my love,
This is only temporary,
As one day I know,
We'll be together - embraced for all of time.

My darling just remember this,
That you will always be -

Just - forever mine.

[Follow this link to the story behind the poem]

(Channeled by Sharon May, 1st June 2007) © Sharon May 2007, all rights reserved

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