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Seeing Angels

How do you see angels?
Are you aware of angel sparkles?

Angels can appear in many different ways: they may appear either on your physical eyes (normal vision), or on your psychic eye (clairvoyance).

Some of you will have been lucky enough to have seen an angel; many may well have seen one, but not realised it!

To be honest, if I was to see a massive angel appear, I would probably run a mile; that said I do see them on a psychic level/minds eye.

In my younger years (probable aged about 8) I was receiving a lot of angel & spirit activity, during one particular event a spirit or an angel (I was to scared to keep looking) began to appear; petrified I simply asked “go away, I don't want to see you again”. Spirit acted upon my request, since that time I seldom see the spirit realm with my physical eye (normal vision), although I had seen many things up until then.

At the end of the day, the angels only want to contact you in the way most comfortable to you. What ever feels safe to you, will be the way they will appear, be that as a small cherub, or an 8 foot tall angel. One of the ways that I see angels is as the most intense brilliant sparkles of light; these range in size from a small pin point, to as large as a football. Their intensity is similar to that of a camera flash, lasting a similar length of time.

Last October whilst working in Londonderry , I was offered accommodation in a family home, the room was haunted, plus it was Halloween; I was just dozing off to sleep, when I became aware of the most amazing firework display, rubbing my eyes I soon realised that the display was inside the room.

I am honoured to have photographed many examples of these, some of which I have included on my Gallery page .

What do the various colours of sparkle mean?


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