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Who is my Guardian Angel?

Who is my Guardian Angel?
What is your guardian angels name?

You need only to listen to your heart and intuition and you will ‘know' who they are, it's not important to know their name. However you can ask for the name if you really need to know it, one way is to use a meditation to ask, but even simpler is just before you go to sleep, ask for the name of your guardian angel to come to you and that the first thing that you remember in the morning will be your guardian angels name. Angels don't always have angelic sounding names, some people have told me that they received a name such as ‘Fred or Colin', and dismissed them because it wasn't ‘Angelic enough'. We don't all have to have names given to us such as ‘Gabriel or Uriel', the name is what you will feel comfortable with and will usually be confirmed to you in unusual ways, such as seeing the name on the side of a bus, or hearing the name several times in one day. Below is a lovely story about a guardian angel called Fred:

Hello Sharon,

I was at your angels workshop yesterday, and although not expecting to get much out of it, found the experience very uplifting. I was surprised to feel the connection of a very tall dark man called 'Fred', w-hen I asked my angel to come to me and as much as I tried to argue that Fred was not a proper angel's name, he insisted that's who he was. I asked him if there was anything that I needed to know and he told me 'You are beautiful and just the way you are'. I didn't realise how important it was to me to hear those words until they formed in my mind and I found myself with tears running down my cheeks and had to take myself away from him as I was finding it a bit hard to take it all in. I felt really happy and loved by my angel and glad to have someone on my side. My friend and I had a good giggle at our angel's names (hers was called Nathan) and tried to see if we knew anyone of that name, but to no avail. 

I spoke to my Mum on the 'phone this morning and when I told her about what had happened was very surprised to hear her say, in a very small voice, "Emma, Fred was my father." The only grandad I knew was the man my Granny met before I was born and he died last October. My real grandfather, Fred, had had shell-shock from the war and this resulted in him developing epilepsy (something I myself suffered from in childhood) and he was in and out of mental institutions until he died, when I was less than one year old. My mother feels very guilty as he had a fit once when holding my older sister and my parents, fearing for their children, asked him not to come to the house anymore. It is only in retrospect that she has realised how lonely this must have made him, although I have tried to comfort her by telling her she had to do what she felt was right at the time and did it with the best of motives and intentions.

I myself had a difficult and often lonely childhood and to discover that it was somebody from my own family who is watching over me and has such obvious pride in the woman that I have become has totally blown me away. I find myself today bathed in a rosy glow and, I don't know if it is my imagination, but everyone who has seen me today has smiled!

I hope that my mother will also draw comfort from the fact that her dad is still around and now looking after her little girl (even though I'm nearly 30!) in a way he could not when he was here in physicality.

Thanks so much for introducing me to Fred and I hope you enjoy the glorious sunshine as much as I am today.

Well we all have at least one Guardian angel who is assigned to us from birth (or before even!), your guardian angel will be with you ALWAYS, some people have more than one, but these are usually a loved one who is in the spirit world like a parent or grandparent, although these are not strictly angels, as an angel is a celestial being who has never been human. But the spirit loved ones ACT in a similar way to a guardian angel, as they are often there to help us when we need reassurance.

So as you can see not all guardian angels have angelic sounding names and not all of them can be found named in books etc, but the thing is to know that your particular guardian angel has introduced himself to you and that is a real privilege, that's what it's all about, building up a relationship with your guardian angel, and it's better to ask directly rather than to look in any book anyway! You just have to find the best way for you both to communicate, and that's an experiment that everyone can try.

One of my main 'spirit helpers' is my paternal grandmother who 'died' many years before I was born, but she often makes her presence felt and I've had encouraging messages from her to help me along my pathway.
'open your heart and feel the presence of angels' angel.gif

Angel Altar

How do I contact my Guardian Angel?

There are a variety of ways to communicate with them but the easiest is - just talk to them, either out-loud or as thoughts in your mind, your Angels are always around you, so they are able to ‘hear' your requests all of the time. You just need to be aware of when they are giving you the answers to your questions.

I like to sit at the computer and just type in any questions that I have, and then sit and wait for the 'inspired conversation' to begin. As the words, thoughts and feelings pop into my mind, I simply type them into the computer and read it back to myself when the 'inspiration' stops.

My angel, guides and helpers like to talk to me when I'm doing the chores as well, they particularly like it when I'm ironing as I'm very much a 'captive audience' then.

Please note:- We have been given the gift of free will, so the angels will not intervene unless you ASK FOR HELP. But having said that, they will also warn you of impending danger if it is not your time to pass to the world of spirit, so they will often use your intuition as a warning system.
So don't just 'Google it', ASK and you shall receive hearts.gif

When will I know that my Guardian Angel is around?
Your Guardian angel will show you a ‘calling card', this is a sign to let you know that they are with you. You need to ask your guardian angel to show you what this is going to be so that whenever you receive this ‘calling card' this will be confirmation of your Angels presence. They may give you physical signs such as a cold breeze on your face or a feeling of someone touching your arm or give you goose bumps. The may leave a small white feather (or another colour) nearby so you can find it, or maybe a small coin. There are many other unique ways they can show you that they are around.

Finally the most important of all!!
Remember to say thank you to your angels, as I know they really appreciate this.

'ANGELS', the FIRST emergency service!' blowkiss.gif