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Unconditional Love

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

Angels show that they have unconditional love for us all no matter what size, colour, age, religious beliefs or backgrounds we have. Unconditional love is what they are helping us to achieve, but we have to begin with ourselves first. To love yourself can be one of the hardest lessons to learn as most of us will have had some kind of negative experience in our life that would lead us to believe that we are not a ‘good or worthy' person.

But looking at this realistically these are opinions, and mostly opinions of other people, but the problems arise when these are people whose opinions we hold in high esteem, such as parents, teachers, employers, friends and co-workers and we automatically assume that their opinions are correct. Most opinions are based on assumptions and those assumptions are mostly based around events or conversations that have included us in someway. Sometimes these opinions are based around a fragment of these events and conversations and so the ‘bigger picture' is unseen.

As a young teenager I was at school in a maths class and I took my work to be checked by my teacher, as he was marking my work he said that to me ‘you are not very good at this are you', my heart sank as I heard those unexpected comments, and from that day until this, I've been unable to ‘get my head around' any kind of maths work, but previous to those comments I had tried my best and had not really had any ‘worries' about maths. It just shows that by hearing a throwaway comment or thoughtless words, how your self confidence and self worth can be eroded away. The maths teacher could have commented in a more positive and helpful way that if I needed any help, I ‘only had to ask', but instead he was negative and ‘soul destroying'.

This is just one small example of how a thoughtless comment from someone in ‘higher authority' can have a damaging effect upon our self worth and of course eats away at our ‘unconditional love'.

I know that I've experienced other situations similar to this in my life, but the difference now is – that I realise that these are all lessons which have been given to me to feed my soul and to enrich my life. As each lesson unfolds and I see what I have learned (or not!), I can see a better understanding of myself and learn to forgive the situation, the people involved and of course myself. With each event of forgiveness comes a little more love of myself, until I hope that one day I will attain ‘unconditional love'.

I know that the Angels have guided me in each of these lessons and when I haven't ‘got it right' they have given me ‘homework and revision' until I learn the lesson. The Angels are helping us to love ourselves as they love us – UNCONDITIONALLY!


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