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Sharon May - Angels

Make a wish to the angels

I get a large quantity of e-mails asking me to make a wish using my wishing box for them, so I thought I would write some instructions for you all, so that you can make your own wishes.

The simplest way to make a wish to the angels, is to simply have a thought, you do not need anything more; however by using tools as listed below, you can reinforce these thoughts (wishes), additionally they give you a focal point, they remind and encourage you to concentrate on your wishes.

Making your wish

Firstly the angels are not there to help everyone win the lottery, it simply doesn't work like that. The angels will help you to achieve what you need, not what you want!

Simply think, angels I need to move to a bigger house, this one is much too small for all my family, please find the right house for me. It's that easy, angel wishes normally act very fast.

Do angel wishes work

Wishing box

Earth angel , wishing box


A wish made, a true story

Whilst at an exhibition my husband (Dave) asked a young girl if she would like to make a wish in a wishing box, this she did. She then walked off with her mother to see the rest of the show. A short while later Dave was unpacking some items when he found a figure of a unicorn with a fairy on its back, we thought we had sold all of these a long time ago, we hadn't had any unicorns for a long time, unfortunately it was damaged, so instead of throwing it in the bin, Dave decided to offer it to the next child that came along. Not long after the young girl from earlier in the day came back with her mother, he asked if the girl would like to have the unicorn and fairy, but that they needed to be looked after as they were poorly. The girls face lit up with a massive smile, her mother looked shocked, I was amazed. The wish that the young girl had made was to have a unicorn.

Another true wish story

At the same show a year later, a fellow exhibitor asked me a bit skeptically if the wishing boxes worked, I told him the story above, he then asked if he could make a wish. Very shortly he was back to buy the box, he had been fond of a girl for some time, but things where a little distant, he had wished that she contact him. Following his wish she had rung him within 10 minutes, she rang him twice more that day.

Wishing box

Angel of peace, wishing box

Wishing box

Angel of reflection, wishing box

To make a wish using tools

Wishing boxes: you can purchase a wishing box, or you may like to make your own from a nicely decorated box or tin. Use your box to store your wishes in, I like to use angel confetti to make my wishes, use a single piece of confetti (one angel), hold in your hand whilst you make that wish, then place it in your box, its that easy.


Angel wish list: Write a shopping list for the angels, you can use either an old scrap of paper, or your very best note paper, it does not matter which. Think of an area of your life that you need to improve, write a list of the negative and positive points relating to this area, now see what you need to change, be very specific. Store your list in your wishing box if you have one, or keep it under your pillow over night, then store it in a safe place.

Most important of all, don't forget to say thank you!!!!

Angel confetti

Angel confetti


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